If I partner with the university, does NC State keep all intellectual property rights? 

What if I just want to work with students and am not that interested in research?

Am I required to lease space on Centennial Campus in order to partner with the university? 

Can I partner with different colleges and departments or am I confined to just one group?

Is there an agreement I can sign that will allow me to do different projects on campus without having to write a new contract every time? 

If I want to lease space on Centennial Campus, is it necessary to have a partnership in place before the lease is signed? 

What is the easiest and quickest way to start a dialogue about a partnership?

If I know a specific researcher and want to work with that person, do I still need to contact the Partnership Office?

How do I learn about all the different subject-matter-experts that exist at NC State?

Can I license technology created at NC State?

If I’m an entrepreneur, are there any financial resources NC State makes available for new ventures?

If I’m an NC State student entrepreneur, are there any financial resources the university makes available? 

What is the single biggest misconception about doing business with NC State?