NC State has a strong history of partnering with industry, starting with its roots as a land-grant university. Today, the university collaborates with partners across all disciplines to solve global challenges.

Recruit Talent

NC State’s Career Development Center helps companies find top-notch talent at one of the most distinguished research institutions in the Southeast. NC State is ranked #19 for top recruits, according to a Wall Street Journal survey.

As an employer, you can:

  • Find highly qualified students and alumni for co-ops, internships and entry-level positions
  • Reach more than 30,000 students by posting a position in our ePack system
  • Work with NC State’s employer relations team to build a successful recruiting strategy

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Co-locate on Centennial Campus

Access world-class resources and talent by maintaining a physical presence on NC State’s award-winning Centennial Campus.

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Directed Gifts and Sponsorships

Support faculty research and provide scholarships to students in areas related to your business interests. NC State’s Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations connects organizations with directed gift and sponsorship opportunities that advance the mission of the university.

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Connect with Corporate and Foundation Relations

Sponsoring Research


NC State is your one-stop-shop for research, development and commercialization—we have all the R&D tools you need from tabletop to testing to scale-up. We have a long history of research partnerships with industry sponsors, and we understand the nuisances of working with corporate partners.

For example, NC State ranks second in industry-supported research among its peers without medical schools, and consistently ranks in the top ten for invention disclosures, U.S. patents issued, startups formed and licenses and options executed.

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What is considered Sponsored Research?

Sponsored Research is defined as research that is sponsored or funded by an external organization, such as a federal, state or private organization or agency. Sponsored Research Agreements are contracts between the University and a sponsor for the purposes of funding research at NC State. NC State uses a range of Sponsored Research Agreements to support research engagement between the University and sponsors. If your company is interested in sponsoring research at NC State, the Partnerships Office will work with you throughout the research engagement process.

The Industry Sponsored Research Process usually includes:

  • The company provides research interests, problem statement, specific scope of work or set of specific aims.
  • Identification of researcher(s) and initial discussions between researcher(s) and company to assess fit and project scope.
  • A Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) may be put in place prior to discussion.
  • Upon request of the company, the researcher(s) prepare a research proposal(s), including budget, for company and submits through the university PINS system.
  • If company decides to support research proposal the program moves to the negotiation stage where the appropriate Sponsored Research Agreement is identified.
  • Once the negotiations are final and all agreements are signed the research program begins.
  • The Partnerships Office will continue to serve as your liaison throughout the research program and your partnership with NC State University.

Some of the terms defined the Sponsored Research Agreements are listed below:

  • Scope of the work to be conducted
  • Specific period of performance
  • Deliverables and reporting including a final technical report
  • Financial accountability and/or reporting; the funds must be separately budgeted and accounted for
  • Publication rights
  • Care of confidential information and data
  • Description of intellectual property rights

PLEASE NOTE: The negotiation of research agreements and any intellectual property terms are the responsibility of NC State University’s office of Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance (SPARCS) and Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures (OTCNV) under the advice of Office of General Counsel.